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I bought frontal and weaves - the bohemian curly weave from mirror collections and it's been over 3 years now,  I'm still rocking my weaves and frontal.
Mirror collections is the real deal.
I am. Glad I got my hairs from them

I got mirror collections perfume oils for my husband and wigs for myself,  ever since, it's been one tale of goodness to another.
Mirror collections oils are just too superb.
He loves them so much he orders regularly from mirror collections.
And I love my wigs from mirror collections.
Great job and superb customer service.

Olajumoke Idowu

The customer service was top notch.  The product authentic and the price was pocket friendly.  Great job.

Scofield O Idehen

Using mirror collections fragrance,  I realized I would always be a promoter of its unique fragrance.
It's the best I have used and I would always be their number one fan.

I beckoned on Mirror Collections to help me with my favorite perfume fragrance in oil perfume. I am delighted I got just what I wanted of EDP. I am glad I now use pure undiluted designer oil perfume from mirror collections.